Greetings and welcome to I Am Sufficient, my new blog on sufficiency.  If you come to this site via www. sufficiencyeconomics.ca, welcome again.  This site deals more generally and perhaps more esoterically with the topic of sufficiency.

This topic interests me deeply and I beleive the awareness of this state of being promises great happiness and abundance.   Please join me in discussing the relevance and scope of this subject and in expanding the awareness for all.

The term sufficiency describes a state of being, in which there is an awareness of completeness.  It is an awareness of the self as fully whole, conscious that nothing or nobody can add or take that away from you.  It is the foundation for happiness and indeed for all states of mind and it is also the foundation for free choice.  As such, it is an important concept that has implications for all that we do.  Unfortunately, it is rarely talked about by metaphysicians, philosophers or psychologists.

The reason I became interested in the concept is that I believe the exploration and development sufficiency may be integral to human happiness, to sustainable development and perhaps even to our survival.

If sufficiency is indeed a fundamental type of awareness, the development of which is important to our well-being, it is worth exploring.

My thoughts on sufficiency  are by no means complete or perhaps even coherent but your thoughts may be, so join in and submit your input and  I will respond as best I can.

I would like to start off the discussion of this first post with my own question:

How would you define sufficiency?